DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – The VIP Daiquiri Lounge along Main Avenue in De Pere has become an enclave for musicians.

“I try to get original acts in here all the time and something different from what you see around the other places,” explained owner Mark Gauthier who celebrates one year in July.

An organic, jam-session-like feel is attracting some notable names as the owner tries to position this stretch of downtown as an entertainment destination.

“Instead of going to Washington or Broadway in downtown Green Bay come here to De Pere and hang out. We’ve got four, five, six places that are all fun.”

His efforts got a considerable boost when Nashville Recording artist Mark Stuart stopped in.

“He’s a national recording artist. He does a lot of good things with Steve and Stacey Earle,” explained Gauthier. “He happened to be in town this week. I invited him to stop by, and he did.”

Local 5 reported back in March how La Vie Taverne, on the other side of the bridge along Main, is offering up music several nights a week.

The plan at VIP is to bring celebrated artists with original stuff and unique unfettered collaboration several times a month.

Fueling an engine that will bring De Pere music enthusiasts something to savor in their own backyard.

“We’ve got a bar, a pool table, and a dart machine just like any other bar with something extra.”