FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV)-A friendship forged through song and dance has given an autistic man in Fond du Lac a platform to do what he loves.

Every Monday, 20-year-old Isaac Juoni stops by the Fond du Lac police department to sing and dance to a new song. Minutes before his performance this week, he is calm despite several police officers who come out to the lobby to watch him perform and two news cameras.

“It makes me excited,” says Juoni.

Isaac performed an exciting and fast-paced rendition of the song ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth. After the performance, he got a big round of applause and fist bumps from several Fond du Lac police officers.

Detective Kristina Meilahn has facilitated these performances for Isaac for nearly two years now.

“Isaac is living his best life, we just get to be a part of it for 15 minutes every week,” says Meilahn.

Each week, Isaac practices extensively for his performances. Recently, he even got an assist on one of the dances from Meilahn.

The two met while Isaac attended Fond du Lac High School and Meilahn was a school resource officer there. She was a judge at a talent show at the school and that is where she says she first discovered Isaac’s talent.

The two have bonded over singing and dancing and have been friends ever since. When Meilahn became a detective, Isaac was the one who reached out to her.

“Isaac went to the lobby, went to the front desk, and wanted to sing me a song like we always did at the high school,” says Meilahn.

Isaac’s mother says the dancing and singing helps him stay in a routine. She’s happy that Isaac has a positive role model in his life like Meilahn.

Isaac says he plans out the songs and dances he’s going to do each Monday months in advance. He looks forward to coming in and performing each week.