CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WFRV) – Graceland Cemetery, which was vandalized at the end of March, is looking much better these days.

A local landscaper named Jeremy Gretzinger offered to repair the cemetery grounds for free. He told Local 5 News that he has family buried in the cemetery and fixing things up was something he felt like he had to do.

In late March, a person drove in the grass near some graves on a wet day leaving behind deep tire marks, muddying graves, and damaging a metal heart next to a grave.

The cemetery administrator Darrell Hansen told Local 5 News that there was about $2,000 worth of damage to the grass, $700 worth of damage to gravestones, and another couple hundred dollars worth of damage to a water spigot.

“Right now it seems that there are a lot of things that seem to be negatively driven and I just wanted people to know that there’s some positivity,” said Gretzinger.

Gretzinger came out to do work in the cemetery on Monday. His wife and one of his sons helped out. They filled the tire marks with fresh dirt and planted grass seed telling Local 5 News that he expects the grass to be fully in by mid-summer.

Hansen said he was able to clean up the grave the vandal got mud all over and fix the metal heart that got bent. He hopes this will help bring closure to the family of the person whose grave was damaged.

He said the family took home the original and now fixed metal heart and that a new one has been placed near the grave.

“She was so thankful that I had fixed it (the metal heart) and it made me feel so happy,” explained Hansen.

“Whenever you do a good deed or do something good it makes you feel great,” said Gretzinger.

Gretzinger told Local 5 News that people have been trying to give him money to repay him for his good deed. He said he has refused to take any money, but asks people to donate to organizations fighting Crohn’s Disease which his son has been diagnosed with.

Local 5 News reached out to Clintonville police who told us they are still trying to find the person who did this. They encourage anybody with information about what happened to reach out to them. Hansen said he plans to install security cameras at the cemetery.