HOWARD, Wis (WFRV) – One local teen is using his parents to make a difference. Free dental care does not come around often. Walter Calvert says the teen’s idea has given him the opportunity to smile.

“I live at the new community shelter, and I have a bad tooth, and they offered to do this for free, and right now, the tooth is not bothering me, but I am sure in the future it is going to start, “stated free dental recipient stated Walter Calvert. 

The “New Community Shelter” and “Meadowbrook Smiles” is providing free dental care for those unable to afford it. Calvert says it has been years since he has seen a dentist.  

“Last time I had my teeth looked at was about 20 years ago, I was in a jail in Timpe, and a guy pulled this tooth over here,” stated Calvert.  

The free dental care event was Nolan Vanmiller’s idea, and his parents are both dentists. Vanmiller says his parents have always taught him to be mindful of others. 

“They try to teach me the best they can, you know they are called doctors for a reason, everyone needs to take care of their teeth, not only to look better but to feel better,” explained Nolan Vanmiller. 

Vanmiller says anything is possible with a bright smile and a positive attitude. 

“It provides a new start for them, it helps them get jobs, helps them get out more in the world,” said Vanmiller. 

More than a dozen people received free checkups due to vanmiller’s idea, Calvert says he now has a reason to smile. 

“There’s a lot of nice people doing this, and I know it’s got to be costing somebody a lot of money also, I’m very appreciative,” said Calvert.

“Meadowbrook Smiles” is located at 2550 Glendale Avenue in Howard, WI. For more information on how to help those staying at the shelter, click here.