BROWN COUNTY, Wis.(WFRV)- Bob’s Discount Furniture and The Green Bay Packers teamed up for “Operation Homefront” to deliver new mattresses to Military Families in Brown County. Roman Hohn joined the Army National Guard nearly two years ago. “I joined to make a difference in my community and so I can still go to school at the same time,” said Hohn.

Hohn, 20, is currently in the process of moving into a new home in Green Bay. The new mattress comes at the right time for him. “I’m grateful, it’s a pretty big cost in moving so it’s nice to have that and not have to worry about that at all,” said Hohn.

There was also a special delivery courtesy of Packer Evan Smith. “It’s a little chilly out here so we got this Packers hat for you,” Smith to Hohn in a small impromptu presentation. Also included a few autographed photos, a team mug, and tickets to the Packers Hall of Fame. “Thank you guys so much,” said Hohn.

In Pulaski, the Boyett Family received a special delivery as well. They are a family of four, with two children under the age of three. Nicholas Boyett and his wife Kailee married right out of high school, both joining the Navy. “We got married a year after, and I was in 15 months later which included an 8 month deployment,” said Boyett. He served until 2018, while his wife is still in active service. “The military has been very good to us,” said Boyett.

Packer Jarrett Bush stopped by the Boyett home with gifts. It was Bush’s first time participating in “Operation Homefront” and he was excited to be there. “It’s giving Tuesday and I love giving as well, so when they called I surely jumped on it,” said Bush. He signed some pictures and a helmet for Boyett.

Since 2019, Bob’s Discount Furniture has donated over $145,000 to “Operation Homefront.” Damon Mogensen has been with Bob’s for a number of years and was on hand for the deliveries. “To all Veterans out there, thank you for your sacrifice,” said Mogensen. He says our Military deserve the world in gratitude for all they have done for our Country. “You wrote a blank check, and this is just a small repayment for the payment you gave us,” said Mogensen.

Operation Homefront is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2002. It’s mission is to provide for Military Families within the communities they live and serve in. For more information on the organization visit