OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV) – An Oshkosh man is spending his retired life cleaning up his community.

Every day including weekends, former Oshkosh police officer Doug Berger heads to Oshkosh West High School to pick up litter on their campus.

As he would take his three grandsons to school, he would notice trash around campus and knew he wanted to pitch in.

“None of us know how long we have,” said Berger. “I’m almost 69 and might as well give it back while you can.”

Oshkosh West Assistant Principal Aaron Herm recognized Berger’s efforts to spruce up the school, saying, “We love having him here on campus cleaning up the high school. Obviously, we and our students take steps to try to keep the campus clean, but trash happens, and he wants Oshkosh West to look beautiful, and we appreciate it.”

In addition to Oshkosh West, Berger also picks up litter around his local Walmart. Even after his grandsons graduate, Berger hopes to clean up around the school.

“I’m just hoping it makes a positive difference. Maybe the next person that wants to throw something out the car window will think twice about doing it. It’s just good to give back,” Berger says.

On the occasion he finds money while picking up trash, Berger also says he gives it to his grandson, who is saving up for a car.