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Police Officer's Emotional Retirement Video Inspires the People He Helped to Share their Stories

DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) - When Thomas Schrank posted his final 10-42 call video to Facebook, he was emotional as he reflected over a 39-year career in law enforcement.

What the former De Pere Detective did not realize, was the impact his emotional video would have on the numerous people he helped while working in Sensitive Crimes the last 27 years of his career.

As a Sensitive Crimes detective, Schrank worked extensively with victims of abuse, young and old.

"I often wondered, did I make a difference?" Schrank told Local 5. "Did what I do matter for anybody."

After the video was posted, Schrank's question was answered, in the form of Facebook messages and comments, which poured in from the people whose lives he touched.

"I've had a lot of families and individuals get a hold of me and recite how what I did for them actually changed their life in a positive way," he said. "It was good to know that in a small way in this world, that what I did over 39 years actually did impact and help some people."


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