APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Rex Hahn said he has one job make sure his grandkids are happy.

“You gotta spoil the grandkids,” said Hahn. “That’s my number one job.”

Besides the full-size bounce house he has in his backyard he is doing that with the mini train he uses to pick his grandkids up from school.

“Oh they love it. They really love it,” said Hahn. “And between school and home there’s people tooting and yelling out the window and waving and everything and they just love it.”

Hahn said he has been using this train car to make memories for more than 10 years with three of his grandkids.

“It’s just another wonderful memory,” said Hahn. “I only had one grandparent and he lived way out of town so I never got to see him much and I always thought, kids will always, you want them to remember you not as the old grump but as somebody cool. Well maybe not cool but at least neat.”

The train car started gaining attention after one Edison Elementary School mom posted the cute bonding moment on Facebook.

Holly Wheeler said, “I saw him riding down the sidewalk and I thought whoever sent this grandpa to pick up their grandkids he is amazing I love this. I posted it to Facebook, the Appleton moms group and overnight it had like 600 likes it was going crazy.”