APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – When 13-year-old Madyson Clifton fell and dislocated her shoulder while biking Monday afternoon she had to wait all alone; that was until a kind stranger showed up and sat with her until her mother could come and take her to the emergency room.

She said, “I was riding my bike and the next thing I know I had hit a rock and I was on the ground and something was obviously wrong with my shoulder and there was a nice woman and she came up and she was checking on me to make sure I was ok. And with all of the things that were going through my head, that really helped calm me down.”

Madyson’s mom Heather said her daughter isn’t one to complain, so when she got the call she knew it must be a fairly serious injury.

“I realized she was laying on the ground and it was kinda a mixture of panic, she’s still laying on the ground, something’s really wrong, and relief that she wasn’t laying on the ground by herself,” said Heather Clifton.

Appleton Fire Station 6 is close to the scene of the accident and a few of their first responders were able to offer aide and guidance to Heather and Madyson.

Lt. Steve Unruh said, “It’s that comfort thing and it’s just part of our job. We notice things like this all the time whether it’s a bike accident, could be a car accident.”

The day after the accident Heather posted on Nextdoor in search of the woman that helped her daughter to thank her.

“i just want to thank you for the care that you showed to a complete stranger just having someone else around was just that reassurance and helps quell that panic so thank you for just stopping on your run and giving a couple minutes of your time,” said Heather.