APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – One hundred and twenty-eight pages. That’s all it took to inspire a local book club to give back to those in the community facing hardship.

According to the Primrose Retirement Community, a group of residents donated $225 to LEAVEN, a local organization that serves people struggling with homelessness and families/individuals facing a financial crisis.

But what inspired these folks to give back in such a positive way? A book.

Apparrently, residents at the facility participate in a book club that not only stimulates the mind but also encourages action.

The book club says the book that started it all was titled ‘Christmas Jars’ by Jason F Wright.

This story follows Hope Jensen, an aspiring journalist who uncovers the secret behind Christmas: giving back to those in need. In the story, a Christmas jar is used as characters collect money that is then given to those less fortunate.

Wanting to emulate the selfless actions of characters in the book, the book club decided to start a Christmas jar of their own.

Through the months, residents donated small change and their bingo winnings. Eventually, the group collected $225.

This money was then gifted to LEAVEN during a special ceremony on March 31.

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