GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – From tragedy to triumph, a batch of fruit made its way to Paul’s Pantry in Green Bay on Friday.

After a truck full of pears was rejected by a store because they tipped over inside, the truck driver was set to discard nearly five pallets of bagged, organic Bartlett pears.

That’s where Tom steps in.

Tom is a 21-year veteran of the City of Green Bay Public Works Department, and thanks to his quick thinking, he called Paul’s Pantry to see if the community-driven business would be able to put the pears to good use, as they were still in top shape.

“We said absolutely!” explained Assistant Executive Director of Paul’s Pantry, Bob Honrachek.

Tom and the truck driver both went over to Paul’s Pantry to help staff and volunteers unload the pears, and when it was all said and done, the fruit was already on the distribution table.

“The back of the semi was quite a mess, but it just took a little work to get the pears back into boxes, and we ended up with about five pallets of organic Bartlett pears that have been flying off the shelves here at Paul’s Pantry,” said Hornachek.

Although the city worker declined to do an interview, Hornachek expressed his gratitude for the quick thinking.

“We’re just glad that he thought of us and thought of the folks that we serve here at Paul’s Pantry,” added Hornachek. “It was great to see everyone come together and work so quickly to do the right thing.

Hornachek concluded with one final statement regarding Tom.

“If he sees this, thank you for being such a kind-hearted, generous man and going out of your way to make sure people in this community are taken care of.”