APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – When Horizons Elementary School’s service club found out that some kids in their community couldn’t afford to have a cake on their birthday they knew they had to do something to help.

The school collected supplies for birthday cakes such as candles, sprinkles, frosting, cake mix, etc., which they intend on donating to local food pantries and homeless shelters so that everybody will have an opportunity to celebrate a birthday with a cake.

“We’re doing it for kids that can’t really afford to celebrate their birthdays and can’t really afford to get all the things,” said Brynn Johansen, who is one of the students in the school’s service club.

Lexi Nicholas is the social worker at the school and also advises the club.

These individuals reportedly do service projects throughout the year that benefit everything from animal shelters to food pantries.

“When I brought it up to service club they had no idea that some people didn’t have birthday cakes so they wanted to do the project the next week,” said Nicholas.

She and her students went around the community with flyers to advertise the project and also asked their friends and families to make donations. In total, they received enough ingredients to make 340 cake kits in just one week.

“I think it’s important because they can experience fun things like having a birthday cake maybe for the first time,” said another one of the students named Jacob Mathis.

“When I look back at this I can say I’m happy that I changed my community,” said Jillian Smedberg and Marlen Morales who are other students in the club.

“I want them to see how their voice and their advocacy can make a difference for others,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas tells Local 5 that there are over 40 kids in the school’s service club and that that number continues to grow each year.