OCONTO FALLS, Wis. (WFRV) – After all the money was stolen from the quarter pusher machine at the Coachlight Inn motel, members of the Oconto Falls community donated quarters to fill it back up.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, August 4th, three people tipped over the machine, stealing about $300.

Kimberly Bruesch, owner of the motel, took to Facebook to share what happened. Soon after, at outpour of people in the community wanted to help.

Bruesch says, “It really does mean a lot to feel the support from our community, working together and keeping our businesses thriving.”

Even though it’s not as full as it once was, Bruesch’s son Alex, is looking forward to seeing motel guests playing again.

Alex says, “It just makes me feel happy that people are having fun and getting stuff out of it.”

Authorities are still investigating to figure out who is responsible for the incident, but Bruesch was able to give information to law enforcement about one of the individuals, as they were a registered guest.

Bruesch also says they will move the quarter pusher to a safer location when the motel is expanded.