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It’s a reality in Northeast Wisconsin that severe weather is going to happen, and as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin, Storm Team 5 has put together stories of survival, the latest research in advancing our prediction of deadly weather and a historical look back on one of Green Bay’s most damaging tornadoes.

Tornado Simulator – Meteorologist Jordan Lamers

In 2011, an EF-5 tornado ripped through El Reno, Oklahoma, killing nine people and injuring 161 others. Meteorologist Jordan Lamers shows us how a researcher from right here in Wisconsin is using a computer simulation from this event to try to better predict tornadoes.

Professor forecasts the likelihood of tornadoes 2-3 weeks in advance –  Meteorologist Heather Brinkmann

Victor Gensini, a professor for the College of DuPage in Illinois, says he has found a way to predict the likelihood of tornadoes two to three weeks in advance.

Local Tornadoes – Meteorologist Anthony Domol

In Wisconsin, we average 23 tornadoes every year, but is there a tornado hot spot within Northeast Wisconsin that seems to be hit more often?

Green Bay Tornado – Meteorologist Dave Miller

Often, we hear of weather myths that certain areas are shielded from tornadoes. One muth is that the Bay protects Titletown from a twister. The fact is, recently, we have been very lucky. Dave shows a look back at tornadoes in Brown County.

Tornado Survivor – Kris Schuller 

When it comes to tornadoes – an EF-5 is as strong as it gets. This vicious act of nature wiped the village of Barneveld off the map – killing nine people in 1984. When that tornado hit it had wind speeds in excess of 300 miles per hour. One man who lived through the storm has very few memories of the day he almost died.

Preparing for severe weather – Chief Meteorologist Luke Sampe

Outagamie Emergency Manager Lisa Van Schyndel joins Chief Meteorologist Luke Sampe to talk about preparing for severe weather and what you can do to stay safe. 

Challenges of Storm Chasing – Meteorologist Jordan Lamers

Severe weather can often make for a scary situation. But there are some who, instead of seeking shelter, run toward the face of danger. Jordan Lamers shows us how a group of local storm spotters who chase take their passion for weather to a whole new level.

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