JOHNSBURG, Wis. (WFRV) – There’s a motto that holds true for the Blanck family when it comes to operating their supper club. It must be a place where friends meet friends.

“I think grandma and grandpa are up there looking down at all of us,” third-generation owner Mike Blanck told Local 5 News. “They gotta be smiling down on all of us and what Blanck’s Supper Club is today. I think they’d be proud. I know I am.”

Mike owns the supper club with his sister Vicki in unincorporated Johnsburg, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. His grandpa and grandma first opened a bar and barbershop.

As the family came to understand the story, churchgoers from across the street were looking for a place to eat, and over the years, the place and menu have grown.

The area where Mike’s grandparents used to live is now an extra dining room for special events with a second overflow bar. When it comes to the food, get ready to read for a while as you enjoy a cocktail at the bar. They pride themselves on offering something for everyone.

“Blanck’s is unique just for all the combinations you have here with steak and seafood options, even chicken. We have a very, very vast menu,” Mike explained. “We cut most of our steaks ourselves. Our Blanck’s Special I hand cut. It’s a very tender portion of meat, and it’s a customer favorite by far.”

Bartender Rose Mashock has worked here for 43 years. Vivacious and always up for telling a story, she says she enjoys the camaraderie and that customers tell her the same thing.

“The minute I open the door, they are flocking in,” Rose said. “They get their same seats. They drink the same thing! It is like the motto, friends meeting friends.”

The “Dish” crew came across Karen Brehm, who was dining with her husband and a friend. She said they come to Blanck’s weekly.

On this particular Wednesday night (to avoid the weekend crowd), they were enjoying steak while their friend ordered the cranberry pork.

“Everything is good,” insisted Brehm. “The bartender knows you when you come in because you’ve been coming here so long.” The entire table then erupted in laughter and watched as the poor man’s lobster special (haddock) was served up at the next table.

Jean Leonaitis and her husband came for a day’s drive from Kenosha.

“We were not rushed through a meal,” Jean raved. “It’s a quality at a supper club that you cannot get at any other restaurant. We’re happy to experience this, and we know we will be regulars.”

Truth be told, reporter Michele McCormack had been hunkering to get to Blanck’s for a while. She wanted to find out if the legend was true that during a postal worker’s holiday party, the kitchen caught fire, and they all rushed out with their plates in their hands.

Mike said his grandma, up until her recent death, talked about the 1962 incident as if it were yesterday.

“All the patrons took the plates with them outside and watched the fire department come and put the fire out,” Mike confirmed with a burst of laughter.

He then showed Michele a newspaper article that confirmed the story. It’s one of several family photos and keepsakes that decorate the supper club.

Maureen and Dave Collins arrived to celebrate marrying at Blanck’s six years ago. Dave said it was where he took Maureen on their first date, and the rest is history.

“I always thought it was the best supper club in Wisconsin,” he exclaimed. “And it’s a very special place to me. It’s a special day, and we always come to Blanck’s to celebrate our anniversary, and we always will. So I hope it lasts a lifetime.”

Blanck’s Supper Club is located at W2655 County Road Q in what many call Malone, but it’s actually unincorporated Johnsburg.

The hours are Wednesday to Thursday from 4:30-8:30 p.m., Friday to Saturday from 4:00-9:30 p.m., and Sunday from 3:30-8:30 p.m. You can dine in or pick it up. The phone number is (920)795-4484.

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