BIMINGHAMTON, Wis. (WFRV) – When Dawn Balthazor’s father and grandfather took over a building across from their bar in 1963, it involved transforming the one-time roller rink into a banquet hall as a compliment to the supper club.

The hardwood floors that Dawn’s father put in himself remain today.

And a refurbished ceiling decoration resembling a flower-decorated windmill also still spins to cast magical lights down upon diners.

The flaps of the “windmill” are actually downspouts.

“And the flowers, we hand-painted them,” Dawn recalls. “Back in the day, I added some aluminum foil. Just a decorative thing he has up there. It’s been there forever.”

When the popularity of roller skating dropped, they turned into a venue for bands with regular competitions.

Then weddings became the mainstay.

“We had weddings every Friday and Saturday. It was non-stop for many, many years.”

Just like the wooden floors that remain to this day, so much love and care are in the very foundation of Romy’s.

Romy’s is short for Romenesko, the name of Dawn’s father. He was called Romy, like his dad, who helped him start the supper club, which is now in its third generation of ownership.

Dawn’s brother Gary worked side by side with her, but he sadly passed from cancer in 2003.

Dawn is now the sole owner but continues Gary’s system that makes sure whatever spot in the buffet line you might be in, your food is always hot and fresh.

Dawn also carries on the tradition of her father by providing a meal before every shift for her workers.

She has two full-time veterans of the service industry and fills the rest of the positions with young people.

She hopes to play a major role in getting the next generation interested in preserving the Wisconsin tradition of a home-cooked meal at a leisurely pace. What natives call the “Supper Club Experience.”

Romy’s is open on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 4:30 p.m. and Sundays at 11 a.m.

They also offer curbside service with a homebaked cookie.

The all-you-eat buffet includes a variety of baked goods made on the premises.

If there isn’t a wedding or special event going on, diners can enjoy the banquet hall as well.