SEYMOUR, Wis. (WFRV) – The stone engraving on the top floor front facade says it all, Hotel Seymour has been around since 1898.

It’s no longer renting rooms to weary train travelers.

Now it is a supper club that boasts a four-page menu and salad bar that features 50 items.

Owner Tom Jackson has two other places. This is his only supper club, the tree trunk of his operation as he calls it.

“So, what we’ve tried to do is take the supper club idea and modernize it,” he explained. “We have micro-brews on tap. This is to get the younger generation because that’s what they’re focussing on when they’re going out and having beverages.”

Jackson worked exhaustively to bring the building back to its historic luster.

He started in the industry at 14 as a dishwasher.

“Once it’s in your blood, it’s hard to get it out again. There’s a truth to it.”

Tom’s son, Brady, is the upstart in the kitchen.

“If you’re looking for the best steaks around, for sure come here,” Brady Jackson told Local 5 News. “Our tenderloins are second to none. Prime rib is great, and the ribeyes are great. We have a lot of pasta options, too.”

Head Chef Brady says practically everything is homemade, that includes the sauces. As well as two soups daily at the salad bar with warm breadsticks.

Recently he started doing a monthly special. When Local 5 visited, his special plate was teriyaki salmon with fried rice and pineapple.

Bartender Melissa Hagel also features a special cocktail regularly.

“We have a Bordeaux brandy old-fashioned,” she gushed. “It’s this beautiful dark cherry color and it has an amazing cherry flavor that is not the standard.”

Of course, be sure to leave room for dessert, an ice cream drink, and conversation. Chances are you’re bound to hear a few stories.

Julie Sinkis lives just outside of Seymour and chose the supper club to gather with her cousins. Three of them have a birthday in the same month and two dozen of them showed up to celebrate.

“It’s the food, drink, and central location,” Sinkis said when we asked her why Hotel Seymour was the place they picked. “Otherwise you only get together for weddings and funerals. We’re all out of weddings. And funerals are no fun. So this way we can have fun.”

At the Hotel Seymour Supper Club, you can’t spend the night but you’re certainly welcome to check in for a while.