TWO RIVERS, Wis (WFRV)  Law enforcement officers take an oath to serve and protect. In Two Rivers, one officer has been honored for perhaps – going well above and well beyond the call of duty.

If you ever find yourself in danger, consider yourself lucky if Officer Joe Schisel answers your call for help.

“There’s nothing special about me – I’m doing my job as I do every day,” said Schisel.

Over Schisel’s eight years as a police officer for the Two Rivers Police Department, he has been honored four times for his actions taken to save a life. The most recent in a Two Rivers home in mid-March, where he gave a 53-year-old man with no pulse CPR – keeping him alive until medical crews arrived.

“This individual had a family – he had teenage kids,” said Schisel. “I wanted him to spend more time with those kids and I gave him that opportunity. We all did,  we worked as a team.”

One incident that haunts him often happened a cold November day here in 2008 on the East Twin River.  Three young boys fell through thin ice – two were brothers and both drown. The third boy clung to the ice for 10 minutes, until rescue crews,  including Schisel – helped him to safety.

“The very difficult part of that was notifying the families of the other two – that they passed away, that they did not survive,” said the officer. “It was a difficult time.”

Just a few days ago – this officer was honored for his latest act of bravery. Congratulations from his supervisors for a job well done.

“Officer Schisel is a great stand up officer – always there when he need him – does what needs to be done,” said Lt. Andrew Raatz.

But for Schisel – the accolades while nice – are certainly not necessary. Saying it’s just part of the job – to serve and protect.

“I will be back tomorrow and do my job just like I do every day.”

Officer Schisel also saved a man attempting to commit suicide and rescued a young girl with Down syndrome who wandered in a river.