(WFRV)- Heidel House was originally built in 1890 as a private estate. It was only in 1945 that it became Heidel House Resort, serving locals and tourists in Green Lake for over 70 years.

New owners as of 2021 have re-established the hotel as a pillar of hospitality in the region. 

At Heidel House Resort & Conference Center, the statistics speak for themselves. 114 Rooms, 11,522 square feet of event space, and 77 years of great customer service. If anyone can make your day special, it is Heidel House Resort & Conference Center.

You will find Heidel House Resort & Conference Center at 653 Illinois Avenue in Green Lake.

Make sure to stop there on Friday for Our town Green Lake. Get all the fun you have come to expect at Our Town Shows. Enter raffles, catch T-shirts, and more.

For more information head to heidelhouse.com.