(WFRV)- Want a vacation, but don’t want to travel far? The Heidel House Resort & Conference Center in Green Lake has you covered.

Enjoy great dining experiences with Oakwood Restaurant and Waves Pub and Grill. You can get fancy food at Oakwood. Get a Ribeye Steak, share a Semi-Boneless Quail, or have some Lobster Ravioli.

If you do not feel like those choices, you can head to Waves Pub and Grill. Here you will find Cheese Curds, Pizza, Burgers, and more.

After a delicious meal, you can take a nap in your amazing bedroom. Enjoy 1 of their 114 rooms and 77 years of service.

You will find Heidel House Resort & Conference Center at 653 Illinois Avenue in Green Lake.

For more information head to heidelhouse.com.