GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed a rumor this week about him boycotting the Super Bowl and the three-time NFL MVP certainly isn’t happy.

On January 7, former NFL quarterback and NFL analyst Boomer Esiason reported that he had gotten a text from a ‘trusted source’ that Rodgers would boycott the Super Bowl, if the Packers were to make it that far, to make a stance on the COVID-19 rules in the NFL. Esiason also said that Rodgers told the Packers first round draft pick Jordan Love ‘to be ready’.

Rodgers took to Twitter shortly after to debunk Esiason’s report and spoke on the Pat McAfee show Tuesday afternoon at length about the report.

“This (narrative) was pure comedy for me, but when comedy turns into more reputable – and I say slightly more reputable – but slightly more reputable news outlets who then mention that to where it becomes an even bigger story, I just felt like it was time to end that”, Rodgers said. “No one in my inner circle is talking to the media. No one that I trust and care about and have conversations with is talking to any media member.”

As Rodgers has mentioned numerous times this season about enjoying his time in Green Bay and the moments that have come with it, Rodgers didn’t take this report lightly – given he’s worked all season to make the big game.

“That topic that was brought up is so ridiculously stupid. It’s even past the point of where I wouldn’t even joke about that. Do I have an issue with some of the protocols? Of course”, Rodgers said.

Rodgers then joked around about the report with Pat McAfee and former Packers linebacker AJ Hawk on the show Tuesday.

“Oh – and then I told (Jordan Love), ‘Hey J-Lo, by the way, in five weeks if we make the Super Bowl and have this amazing run, be ready”, Rodgers joked.

At the end of the conversation, Rodgers expressed his frustration even more about the false narrative.

“Come on now, that’s just ridiculous. To even go on the air with that. It’s unreal”, Rodgers explained. “Why would I play in, to a majority of people, a meaningless week 18 game and what I care about and train for in the offseason and focus on during the season and manifest thoughts to my teammates to have this on our mind – winning a Super Bowl? You think I would do all that and play in a meaningless game to most people in week 18 and then boycott the Super Bowl? You don’t know me.”