WISCONSIN (WFRV) – It didn’t take long for the news of Aaron Rodgers’ decision to stay with the Packers to spread like wildfire through Titletown.

Packer fans at Lambeau Field said they’re thrilled about the four-time NFL MVP staying on to lead the team into the future.  Many going so far as to predict another bid at the Super Bowl, after the disappointment of last season’s abrupt end.

Isaac Michek is a football player himself from Highland, Wisconsin, in the southwestern part of the state. He says while Rodgers’ incomparable talent is an undeniable asset to the Packers’ ability to bring one more Lombardi trophy back to Titletown – it takes a team to win, no matter who you have at the helm.

“It’s a team sport. It takes all 11 guys to win so if he comes back, I hope he comes back as a player,” Michek said.

A sentiment echoed by other fans as well, who said they didn’t like seeing Rogers singled out from the rest of the team off the field.

“When they come out on the field I think they look like a team,” explained Denmark’s Pat Schaetz, “but they’ve got to continue to play and grow together.”