GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has released its annual team report cards, and the Green Bay Packers finished just outside the top five.

The idea of the NFLPA’s Team Report Card is to give any free agents a guide to what you can expect a certain team’s facilities to be like.

Former Packers 4th round pick and President of the NFLPA JC Tretter says that the goal of the survey is to highlight the positives, identify the improvements that can be made, and highlight the best practices and standards around the nation.

“Understand that the categories are both specific to the job of an NFL player and make a difference in the daily experience in our jobs,” explained Tretter in a statement provided on the website. “We also believe that each club has the resources, and an obligation, to ensure that things like weight rooms are in the best possible condition, training rooms are properly staffed, and each interaction with players from club personnel is a positive one.

Now let’s dive into the Green Bay Packers, who finished sixth out of the 32 NFL teams. As one of the best-ranked teams in the league, there are not many things the Green & Gold got drastically wrong, but there is a clear consensus among players of what they’d like to see improved.

Starting off with the Treatment of Families section, the Green Bay Packers received a B+, which was tied for fifth in the league. The team does offer a family room, but they are one of 11 teams that do not offer daycare. In addition, Green Bay’s post-game gathering area ranked 11th.

The Food Service and Nutrition category was exceptional for the Packers, as they received an A. All three meals are provided to the players every day, with the quality of food being tied for second in the league. 100% of players say that there is enough room in the cafeteria.

Green Bay also received an A in the Weight Room category, where players say they feel they have a top-of-the-line facility. Nearly 100% of players also believe that the Packers have enough strength coaches.

The NFLPA handed out yet another A to Green Bay for its strength coaches. Players say they feel that the strength coaches in the Frozen Tundra significantly add to their success. 98% of players believe they receive an individual plan, which is tied for seventh in the NFL.

Now for Green Bay’s worst grade on the report card, the Training Room. Green Bay received a B- with a majority of the complaints coming from not having enough staff. 82% of players feel they have enough athletic trainers, and 73% feel they have enough physical trainers, both ranked ninth-worst in the NFL.

The steam room brings the grade up slightly, as 92% of players think it’s big enough, but that is also brought back down by the sauna, where only 68% of players think it has enough space.

Hot tubs and cold tubs are rated solid, as right around 90% of players believe they have enough space.

Overall, although the training room category received a B-, that was still good enough to tie for 12th in the NFL.

Every NFL team’s training staff is crucial to the success, and the Packers received an A- for that category. When asked about if the training staff adds to players’ success, the Packers tied for 15th in the league.

This sounds average, but that is because most teams rated their training staff positively. The Packers players gave overall high marks to the training staff, which is why the overall grade is still high.

Green Bay’s Locker Room scored a little lower than most NFL teams, receiving a B, which was tied for 14th in the NFL. 96% of players feel like they have enough space, but the general consensus is that it’s starting to feel old. One major thing that players request is padded seats at or in the lockers.

The final category in the NFLPA’s Report Card was Team Travel, in which Green Bay scored exceptionally well with an A. The Green & Gold were tied for 4th in the NFL, with some of the benefits being no roommates and a lot of first-class seats.

One additional note that was provided is that Green Bay is the only team without a private owner, making 82% of players believe that the team is willing to spend the money necessary to upgrade the facility. That ranks 22nd in that category.

The NFLPA has every team’s ranking on its website, so if you’re interested in taking a look at some of the other teams in the NFL, including some of Green Bay’s NFC North rivals, you can click here.