GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – If you’ve ever seen a green and gold helmet, with a cheesehead on top, decked with autographs from Packers’ players – you’ve run into super-fan Bobby Anderson.

There isn’t an ounce of Anderson’s body that doesn’t bleed the green and gold. His fandom with the Packers started when he was a young kid and has carried ever since, even when living in Georgia where he resided for more than 20 years.

It was a trip to Lambeau Field in 2015 that made Anderson realize that he wanted to call Titletown home and he was determined to live in Packers country.

“I knew I had to move here. So, it took me four more years because every year I said ‘I’m going to move, I’m going to move’. Then I finally decided, 2019, April 1st, it was time”, said Anderson.

Bobby packed up a U-Haul with his belongings in Georgia and made the 15+ hour drive to Green Bay. His new home.

But it came with struggles.

“I was homeless for about three and a half weeks when I moved here. I didn’t have anywhere to live, I didn’t have a job. Things didn’t fall through that were supposed to fall through, so I just had to make it work. I was just thankful I was here”, Anderson explained.

Bobby’s passion for the Packers and dream to live near Lambeau Field had him homeless for nearly a month, but when things started to click and he started to get on his feet – his dream turned into a reality.

Now living just 10 minutes from historic Lambeau Field, Bobby gets to drive up and down Lombardi Avenue in the city he’s so proud to live in with the licenses plate ‘OWNER’ across of it.

Anderson bought stock in the Packers 2011 stock sale. He waited on the phone for nearly three hours, but it’s something unique to him and goes beyond the dollar amount to say he’s an owner of the Pack.

“To be a shareholder, that’s something no other team does. We have a little bit more pride in our team. Win or lose, we’re still Packers’ fans”, Anderson told Local 5.

Now living in Green Bay for more than two years, Bobby sticks out in the sea of green and gold. Whether it’s his Packers helmet or his gear tailored towards the ‘Packers Owner’, it’s been a blast for him to get to know other fans all because of the love for the Packers.

“It’s amazing. Kids look at me like a super hero. It’s amazing. It just makes me feel good”, said Anderson.

Moving from Georgia to Wisconsin is quite the move. Bobby elaborated how thankful he was of everyone around him opening up their arms.

“The people are amazing. They welcomed me with open arms. I’ve had families, since I’ve moved here by myself, telling me to come over for Thanksgiving and come over for Christmas. These are people I just met”, Anderson said. “I think that’s just amazing. You don’t find that.”

Throughout Bobby’s crazy journey to Titletown, he trusted God in the process to work everything out.

“I trusted God because that’s who I had in my corner. I trust God and he made the move and like I said I was homeless for about three and a half weeks but he made a way. I was able to make connections, get a job, start going to Packers games. I’ve been to seven Packers games since I’ve been here. That’s something I wouldn’t have ever imagined”, said Anderson.

With everything falling into place in the city that Bobby always wanted to call home – he has a new outlook on life.

“Life is short and we are starting to see that with everything that’s going on in the world we live in. So, I encourage everyone to follow your heart and follow your dreams just like I did”, Anderson said.

Enjoying Packers football in Green Bay was always a bucket list for Bobby and now every day, he gets to live it out.