Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) – Following his best practice during the offseason, Packers quarterback Jordan Love speaks with the media for the first time during mandatory minicamp. Follow below to see what the man in the middle of the Aaron Rodgers-Packers drama has to say:

Love on confidence after good day of practice: Definitely think stacking good days is important. Anything that you’re performing at a high level can build your confidence up.

Definitely feel it was a good day for me, and everybody else as well, good to bounce back as an offense. It was. good day. Goal for now is to keep stacking good days and be better tomorrow.

Love on digesting performance on Tuesday: That’s what we do every day. Look at what I did yesterday, and look at what I can do better. That’s what we did.

How are you approaching all of the Aaron Rodgers drama/offseason: My mindset the whole offseason is get ready. Whether Aaron is here or not here, that’s my mindset regardless. I have to get myself ready to play to be able to play at a high level, and everyone else can do their job as well. My goal is to take it day by day and find areas to improve.

What’s it like to be Jordan Love: I’ve just been living my life, man. Just trying to do what I can do to get better. Not knowing what’s going to happen next, just focus on what I can control. Do my best to get ready for myself, the team, and everybody here. Aaron and I have a good relationship, talked to him about a week before I got out here.

Biggest change from a year ago: Just taking another step in the offense and understanding it, understanding my reads and progressions. Process of a quarterback and what we’ve got to do, and try to build on that.

How are you able to focus on you throughout all this: I don’t listen to any of the outside noise. Just try to stay true to myself, and understand I can’t control what goes on outside the building. Control what I can control, that’s what I can do. Have good people around me that can help me keep a level head.

Benefiting from Blake Bortles experience in the QB room: Blake is a great due, and obviously brings a lot of experience. A lot of guys who haven’t been out there in games yet. Great to have someone with that game experience. Great guy, happy he’s here.

On having fun today at practice: It was fun out there today. The coaches do a great job of helping us get back to what the game should be. Everybody on the team does a great job of reminding everyone this is a game and it should be fun, enjoy it.

Allowed to audible at the line: Aaron is a t a different level at his career where he can do a lot of things other quarterbacks can’t. I’m not at that level, yet. A lot of base stuff right now. Obviously that’s an area of my game where I need to take another step.

Going into second year of NFL experience: I feel like a lot of rookies, we didn’t know hat a normal year was like. Last year being behind Aaron I was able to grow my game, in areas you might not have been able to see. The mental game that I was able to grow last year will help a lot.

Are you prepared to be the quarterback week one: One hundred percent. Going to take it day by day to be ready. That’s what I was drafted to be, a quarterback.

Benefiting from being behind Aaron Rodgers last year: He has a lot of knowledge and being behind him and sacking up as much of it as I could was very valuable.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The man in the middle is set to speak. Jordan Love, who many believe is heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers’ throne, is scheduled to speak to members of the media on the Packers zooms on Wednesday. Love hasn’t spoken in any way, shape or form since the news broke that Aaron Rodgers is disgruntled with the team and does not want to return to Green Bay.

Since then, he’s taken first team reps in every offseason workout of the Packers OTA’s program.

Also scheduled to speak with Love, head coach Matt LaFleur, safety Darnell Savage and right tackle/guard Billy Turner.

Love struggled in the first day of mandatory mini camp, struggling with finding his rhythm, especially with the addition of the veteran wide receivers, who returned after missing the first part of OTA’s, all of which were voluntary.