GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – One of Lambeau Field’s most beloved players is getting a documentary made after him after finally getting the call to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Former Green Bay safety LeRoy Butler and award-winning O’Malley Creadon Productions will come together to make the featured film Leap of Faith: The LeRoy Butler Story.

Overcoming hardship and adversity have been the pathways by which LeRoy Butler has come to understand the need for giving back, especially to youth who are vulnerable, impressionable, and critically at-risk.

Butler’s remarkable journey from the devastating hardships of poverty to acknowledgment as one of the greatest athletes in pro football history is as intensely personal as it is universally compelling.

O’Malley Creadon Productions, famously known for ESPN’s 30 for 30: Catholics vs. Convicts, is set to make the film independently, meaning the company will raise the money themselves to pull off the documentary.

“I really don’t want to wait around for someone sitting behind a desk to green light this,” said Director Patrick Creadon, “I want to start this right now and do it. None of us are getting any younger. I just want to go!”

Creadon says that although the film is being produced independently, the company is looking for an executive producer.

“We’re looking for a partner to become the third leg of our stool,” explained Creadon. “LeRoy is the first leg, I’m the second leg, and we need a financial partner.”

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said during the press conference that there was no one more deserving than LeRoy Butler to get a film made about his story.

“He does everything he can to help the Packers, and we’re really very appreciative of that,” said Murphy.

Butler took the stage and was seen making jokes with the media before talking about just how important the Lambeau Leap is.

“Where else can you go to score a touchdown and leap into the stands to hug your owner,” said Butler. “We don’t look at Packers fans as fans, but owners.”

The super bowl champion says he’s hoping to inspire youth through the documentary.

“Somewhere, some young man is going to ask a question, how do I deal with bullying?” said Butler. “I want to be the one that shows him how to deal with it because I have.”

Creadon is expecting the documentary to be completed within two years.