(WFRV) Green Bay, Wis. – Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst addressed the media ahead of this week’s NFL Draft on Monday. Follow along for updates from Gutekunst’s press conference here:

On what Aaron wants: Won’t speak for Aaron. That’s kind of something we’re working through. Something we’ve talked about quite a bit as we work through the salary cap thing, which is really two years.

Is it important to give Rodgers one more year of guaranteed money: Aaron’s our guy. He’s our guy for the foreseeable future. We’re probably going to have to work through a few things with different contracts to get through the salary cap in the next couple years, Aaron’s included.

How has the two year deal with the salary cap affected how you approach the offeseason/salary cap: The way I look at it, we were able to sign the number one Aaron Jones. We were active. Did a lot, maybe more than we usually do, to push money forward to make another run.

Challenges scouting due to COVID-19: Give credit to scouts. They did a great job being creative to get ahold of and see players. Last year we were fortunate to get medicals ahead of the pandemic, we weren’t able too. This year had to go to more pro days due to the lack of a combine.

Where do things stand with Aaron Rodgers? We’re happy with where things are with Aaron Rodgers. He’s our quarterback for the foreseeable future. It’s very important for us to work through the next two years to get this salary cap right, including multiple players. That’s probably one that we will address as well.

Gutekunst reiterated that Aaron Rodgers will be the Packers quarterback for the forseable future. The salary cap will require them to re-work some contracts, and that includes Rodgers.

Gutekunst says the team will be back in their draft room this year with scouts and coach available. The NFL gave multiple options for what teams could do. Large Draft room at the Packers facilities allows them to spread out and still be in the same room.

What position is the deepest in this year’s draft? I see pretty good depth at the offensive line. Good players in the secondary. Didn’t see one overwhelming position group that stands out in this depth.

Gutekunst on re-signing Kevin King: He’s obviously had his ups and downs with his injury history. We’re a better team with him on the field.

Update on David Bakhtiari: They feel confident about Bakhtiari’s recovery from his ACL injury. All reports are fantastic. Said in a follow up question if he’d be surprised if Bakhtiari is ready for the season opener, ‘nothing would shock me with him.”

On the 2020 draft class: We’ve been pretty healthy the last couple of years so the young guys haven’t had to step up. There’s a bunch of guys, including undrafted guys, that showed good signs. Program always looks for players to make the second year jump. The thing I like best about last year’s class is the people. All those guys have pretty bright futures.

How has need evolved? How has philosophy developed? I don’t know if it’s necessarily evolved, it’s the state of your football team. There are times when you think you’re missing a certain piece. We’re fortunate to not feel like that right now. That gives more freedom move up and get a player. There’s only so many game changing players in this league, and when you have a chance to go up and get one, you should.