(WFRV) – It’s been a non-stop scramble for Amy Flores at Event USA, even before the Packers announced their London match-up Wednesday morning.

“We will have packages available Friday,” Flores said.  “With all the amenities you can imagine.

Hotel, game ticket, British-themed pre-game tailgate party, pep rally on Saturday, happy hour on Friday, tickets to all the attractions in London, tour of Windsor Castle…then to top it all off, John Kuhn and his wife Lindsey are hosting it for us.”

Flores says fans hoping to cross the big pond for the Packers vs. Giants game need three main things:

1.) Knowledge of local COVID policies in the UK, which could be different by the time October 9 rolls around.

“I did see at the stadium they were requiring a vaccination card and the negative test but that may change,” Flores said. She recommends finding that information on the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium website or a UK government website.

2.) Deep pockets – for game tickets which Flores says will be hard to get and pricey.

“London, in general, is higher priced but then you got the Packers and they’re such a huge draw and it’s the first time they’re going,” she explained.

3.) Lastly, if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to get a passport. a passport, something you might want to get started on early.

“You’re definitely going to need a passport and it takes 11 weeks, which is standard to get your passport.” Flores said. “You can expedite it for a higher price, but definitely, if you want to go and you don’t have that, you need to get on that.”

You can get a passport at most local post offices or clerks of court offices, but it’s a good idea to call ahead.  Some places require appointments or have limited hours.