GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – School bells signaled the beginning of the school year for Pilgrim Lutheran School Wednesday, but one summer project will carry on into the fall.

“We wanted to take the books that were currently spread out in lots of different classrooms and create one unified space,” Lisa Dhein, a teacher at the Kindergarten through eighth-grade school.

In prior years, students had to visit different classrooms to peruse the school’s collection of books.

Now, those books are organized on shelves in a single room, thanks to teachers and student volunteers.

“The amount of man-hours and the work that’s been put into it has been incredible,” John Schultz, Principal of Pilgrim Lutheran School, said.

Abigail Kirchner is a seventh-grade student who spent part of her summer helping to organize the new library.

“It was a lot of sorting and more sorting and more sorting,” she said.

Even with all that sorting, the project is not yet complete.

“There are a lot of other things that are needed yet for it to become a complete space,” Schultz explained. “Because for us, it’s not just for reading and literacy, but it’s also a space where kids will be able to come and collaborate.”

Tables, chairs, and some updated books are on the school’s wishlist for the new library.

“We just need to update some of our books,” Dhein said. “We found that because they had been in different classrooms, that we have a lot that are old and just really need updating.”

The school is looking for community support to complete the library.

“We just moved the books last week,” Dhein said, “and we’re hoping over the course of this school year and as funds come in, we’ll be able to complete the project and really make it a great space for our students.”

If you are interested in donating to the library fund, click here. (those who wish to donate should choose the “Helpers Fund” and type “library” in the memo box.)