(WFRV) – There are remarkable women throughout Northeast Wisconsin and here at WFRV Local 5, we want to showcase some of those women in our Remarkable Women 2021 stories.

Remarkable Woman Finalist: Season Polsin

Driving through the small town of New London, the first thing to catch your eye might be the beauty of the Wolf River… but soon you’ll get a glimpse of something here… catch a burst of color there.

An urge to help others led Appleton Police Sgt. Carrie Peters to the force and as Local 5’s Michele McCormack shows, Sgt. Peters is more than just locking up the bad guys but connecting with the community.

Appleton Police Sgt. Carrie Peters and her remarkable work to help refugees and the elderly

Most of us would relish the chance to hear the boss heap praise upon our work. Especially if that boss is the Chief of Police.

Beth Schnorr is a household name in the Fox Valley and has helped women at the Harbor House Domestic Abuse Program in Appleton for three decades. Local 5’s Kaitlin Corbett sat down with Schnorr to talk about her life’s work advocating for women.

WINNER: Remarkable Woman: Beth Schnorr, a 40-year career of advocating

Beth Schnorr grew up in the thick of the women’s rights movement, and it inspired her. She advocated for women,  and it motivated her— for 40 years.

‘All in the name of Allan’, Melissa Stitz and her drive to give back to multiple communities

Melissa Stitz is the regional vice president of a large insurance company with a husband and three children. She is an extremely busy woman.

Remarkable Women is part of a nationwide Nexstar Media initiative to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress and the quality of life.