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Which tennis ball hoppers are best?

If you’re a regular on the tennis court, then a ball hopper is a necessary investment. This practical piece of equipment helps improve your tennis game by storing, picking up and carrying tennis balls. Some ball hopper models can fit dozens of balls, with some being large enough to hold 150 or more.

Stop wasting time chasing tennis balls when a ball hopper will add mobility, convenience and speed to your game. You have many options, but consider our top choice, Morvat Tennis Ball Cart.

What to know before you buy a tennis ball hopper

Speed up ball collection

A tennis ball hopper is a practical and useful way to maximize your repetitions, saving you the time and energy of pursuing balls every few volleys.

Transport tennis balls with ease

A tennis ball hopper is one of the easiest ways to painlessly transport a lot of balls. Rather than stashing balls in your pockets or racquet bag — or bringing an entirely separate bag to lug around your ball collection — a ball hopper can keep all your balls together and effortlessly portable.

Quickly feed balls

If you’re learning tennis or attempting to teach someone the game, a ball hopper is one of the best ways to do it. Practice your serve much easier with a ball hopper full of tennis balls or help someone else practice their returns. Quickly feed multiple balls across the net to help someone train, developing their skill and playing confidence.

What to look for in a quality tennis ball hopper

Ball quantity

Before finalizing what tennis ball hopper you want, check the size of the product. Know how many tennis balls the hopper holds. If you plan to spend several hours on the court, you want something with a sizable carriage to fit plenty of balls.


Having a tall tennis ball hopper improves your practice since you won’t need to bend over constantly to grab balls. This can reduce back strain and fatigue while speeding up your serve practice.


You want something lightweight to easily pick up and carry with you while being durable enough to hold a lot of balls. If you buy a heavyweight tennis ball hopper, this may end up being reliable and strong but it could cause excessive fatigue as you carry it.


While not a necessity, wheels can make tennis ball hoppers much easier to transport.


Some tennis ball hoppers are designed as a basket but others are “mowers” to make ball pick-up easier. Consider what design you would prefer before purchasing.

How much you can expect to spend on a tennis ball hopper

Tennis ball hoppers tend to be $30-$100 depending on capacity, quality and design.

Tennis ball hopper FAQ

How many tennis balls can a hopper carry?

A. The capacity of a tennis ball hopper entirely depends on the model. A decent range for an average-sized hopper is 40-70 balls, although some are large enough to hold 150 tennis balls.

How does a tennis ball hopper work?

A. Many tennis ball hoppers are simply a basket or container designed to hold your collection of tennis balls. Some operate as a mower to collect the tennis balls while others hold dozens of them to make tennis practice and play easier.

What are the best tennis ball hoppers to buy?

Top tennis ball hopper

Morvat Tennis Ball Cart

Morvat Tennis Ball Cart

What you need to know: This portable tennis ball cart comes with wheels, a quality frame and a sizable basket capacity.

What you’ll love: This tennis ball hopper is easy to set up and takedown. When collapsed, it can easily fit inside your car’s trunk. Fit up to 150 tennis balls into the basket and enjoy the lightweight aluminum frame. 

What you should consider: Some users found the setup and tear-down of this tennis ball hopper tedious.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tennis ball hopper for the money

Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper

Tourna Ballport Tennis Ball Hopper

What you need to know: With an 80-ball capacity, this streamlined tennis ball hopper fits in small spaces.

What you’ll love: A heavy-duty polypropylene frame means you won’t have any rust or peeling paint to worry about. Sliding bars keep the top closed and balls secure. The solid legs are painless to mount, keeping the basket up and conveniently elevated.

What you should consider: Some users said the assembly directions lacked clarity.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart Pro

Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart Pro

What you need to know: Get the most out of your tennis training sessions with this large-capacity tennis ball hopper.

What you’ll love: Its lightweight material and convenient handles make transportation simple. Heavy metal straps secure this bag to your car for safe transportation. Mesh cover zips keep the balls from spilling.

What you should consider: Some users reported that the wheels on this tennis ball hopper wobble.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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