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Which Funko Pop Simpsons toy is best?

“The Simpsons” is among the longest-running animated TV series in history, so it’s no surprise the show’s characters are part of the Funko Pop lineup. Funko Pop Simpsons toys combine the popularity of the show with the collectibility of Funko Pop figures. From the Simpson family to other noteworthy citizens of Springfield, there’s a wide variety of Funko Pop Simpsons toys to choose from. 

What to know before you buy a Funko Pop Simpsons toy

Multiple product lines

The Funko Pop Simpsons collection varies slightly from other Funko Pop toy brands. There are the standard Simpsons figures as well as a Treehouse of Horror line for the popular Halloween episodes. Regular Funko Pop Simpsons toys have red and white packaging, while Treehouse of Horror toys have black and white packaging.

Limited characters

There are more than 3,500 characters in the Simpsons universe, so not all of them are represented in the Funko Pop Simpsons toy line. Funko typically focuses on producing figures for the most popular characters or personalities in any given fandom then adds other characters later on if the initial releases are successful. 

Different sizes

There are three sizes of Funko Pop Simpsons figures currently available. Funko Pop figures are the standard-sized vinyl collectibles. Funko Pop Deluxe figures are larger in size but otherwise similar to the regular Pop figures. There are also Funko Pop keychains. 

What to look for in a quality Funko Pop Simpsons toy

Screen accuracy

Funko Pop Simpsons toys are easy to recognize because they’re bright yellow. But take a closer look at them before buying. Are the other colors accurate to what’s been shown in the TV series? Is the wardrobe correct for the character? Does the figure have the right accessories, such as Lisa Simpson’s trademark saxophone? The toy should represent the character as accurately as possible.


The Simpsons are popular because they’re larger-than-life characters, and fans should see that in their Funko Pop Simpsons toys. Do they have a facial expression or pose that brings them to life? If they’re meant to be from a specific episode, can you tell which episode? 


The most important thing for any Funko Pop toy collector is condition. Look closely at the paint job to make sure the Funko Pop Simpsons toy is completely painted and that the paint is not sloppy. If there are images of the box available, check the box for any tears, worn corners or other damage. The value of a Funko Pop toy decreases significantly if its box is damaged, even if that box has never been opened.

How much you can expect to spend on Funko Pop Simpsons toys

Funko Pop Simpsons toys range from $10 to $30, depending on size and rarity.

Funko Pop Simpsons toy FAQ

Does every Simpsons character have a Funko Pop Simpsons toy?

A. No. There are only a select number of Funko Pop Simpsons toys available, and not every character is included. Funko has even omitted some of the show’s main characters. There are multiple Funko Pop toys for Homer Simpson and Bart Simpson but no regular Marge Simpson figure. The only Marge Funko Pop figures available are two Halloween versions in the Treehouse of Horror product line.

Do Simpsons guest stars have Funko Pop Simpsons toys?

A. Funko has made figures of celebrities such as “Weird Al” Yankovic and Dr. Stephen Hawking, who have guest-starred on the show. But Funko Pop’s Simpsons toy line is currently limited to the fictional citizens of Springfield.

What’s the best Funko Pop Simpsons toy to buy?

Top Funko Pop Simpsons toy

Funko Pop Deluxe Simpsons Homer Watching TV

Funko Pop Deluxe Simpsons Homer Watching TV

What you need to know: This Funko Pop Simpsons toy captures the most popular character in his most well-known pose.

What you’ll love: This toy features not only Homer but the iconic Simpsons family couch and TV. Die-hard fans and nonfans alike will immediately know and appreciate it. Colors are bright and screen-accurate.

What you should consider: This is a less dynamic Funko Pop figure than most, since Homer is sitting down and partially obstructed by the TV.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Funko Pop Simpsons toy for the money

Funko Pop Simpsons Bartman

Funko Pop Simpsons Bartman

What you need to know: Bart Simpson’s one-time alter ego makes a comeback with this Funko Pop Simpsons figure.

What you’ll love: Bringing back one of the first Simpsons alter egos provides a nice bit of nostalgia for die-hard fans. The purple cape and cowl make the figure more attention-grabbing than others. Bartman is featured in an action pose.

What you should consider: Bartman hasn’t been seen on the show in a while, so it might not be the best choice for more casual fans.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Funko Pop Simpsons Homer Muumuu

Funko Pop Simpsons Homer Muumuu

What you need to know: This Funko Pop Simpsons toy represents one of the show’s best episodes in almost perfect fashion.

What you’ll love: This is one of the rare episode-specific Simpsons figures representing the all-time classic “King-Size Homer.” Homer’s extra weight is obvious, making him clearly different from other Funko Pop versions of the character. He comes with the floral muumuu and hat worn in the episode.

What you should consider: More expensive than the average Funko Pop Simpsons toy, since it was originally a retailer exclusive. The muumuu’s colors are not screen-accurate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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