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Which axolotl plush is best?

Axolotls may be the cutest salamanders, if not the cutest amphibians, of all time. It’s hard to believe that a creature with an eel-like tail, lizard legs, protruding gills and an upturned mouth is adorable, but axolotls have managed to woo many people with their half-evolved appearances.

Merchandisers are scrambling to create axolotl plushes, riding the amphibians’ wave of popularity and meeting the demand for plushie replicas. The Simulation Axolotl Plush Toy by Zhongxin Made is a large plush toy with a realistic design. This stuffed animal doesn’t have the cartoon appearance that many axolotl toys have and is a terrific gift for adults and children alike.

What to know before you buy an axolotl plush

Animal toys are always a hit, encouraging children to learn about the natural world. Novelty axolotl items not only make great gifts but spread awareness about the critically endangered existence of the living species. As for the toy itself, while it may educate children about animals, it won’t teach them much about housekeeping. Your plush may need some upkeep to keep the fabric clean and soft.

Plush terms

You may have heard a few words tossed around when searching for the perfect axolotl plush. “Stuffed animal,” “plushie,” “plush” and “stuffy” are all synonymous with one another, and all these terms and their deviations refer to the same type of cuddly toy.

Rising popularity

Novelty items fashioned in the likeness of axolotls are not in short supply. Clothing, stickers, home decor and toys are found through major retailers and local businesses alike. Everyone is spoiled for choice in finding the toy, and there is no need to settle for anything that doesn’t reach your stuffed-animal standards.

Living axolotls

It is unclear what sparked the public’s sudden obsession with these small pink creatures. They were placed on the critically endangered list in 2006 and the only native population left is in a single site in Mexico. Ironically, it is one of the most popular amphibious pets worldwide, thriving in the care of humans. Owning an axolotl does nothing to benefit the wild population so instead of buying an animal, settle for a plush that has no upkeep or commitment.


An axolotl plush purchased for home decoration is not going to need much cleaning. On the other hand, a plush purchased for a child will be exposed to significantly more peril in day-to-day life. Tossing a stuffed animal in the washing machine is far easier than trying to hand-wash and scrub out the stains yourself; however, not all plushie materials are suitable for a washer. Do not put materials such as wool, mohair and foam in a washing machine. 

What to look for in a quality axolotl plush

Axolotls owe much of their popularity to their goofy but endearing appearances. As with all stuffed animals, the stitching should be even and all parts of the plush should be attached properly. Aside from the basic requirements for being a decent stuffed animal, your plush should have something extra that sets it apart from all the other plushies out there.


A great axolotl plush should mirror the real creature. An axolotl is defined by its wide grin, frilly gills and sleek body. Unless the plush is deliberately made in a style very unlike the real axolotl, it should not forgo these vital details. Even pillow-shaped toys and reversible plushies have token details that clearly designate them as axolotls.

Proper stitching

Axolotls and all other animal plushes should be crafted with invisible seams. The plushie should not be made with cheap materials that begin to fray the moment it is taken out of its box. If your plushie has felt listed in its materials, do not expect a high-quality item. Felt is cheap and has no stretch, often serving as an ingredient in mediocre craftsmanship.


There are dozens of axolotl plushes out there but not all are created equal. Your axolotl plush should serve a purpose, regardless of how simple a product it is. Look for a lifelike plush to put on display, or find the softest plush if you’re looking for a cuddly companion.

How much you can expect to spend on an axolotl plush

Axolotl plushes cost around $15-$20.

Axolotl plush FAQ

How can you wash a plush toy without ruining it?

A. Hand-washing with mild soap and water is the safest route. If you intend to use your washing machine, place the plush in a mesh laundry bag or tied pillowcase. Use the most gentle and cold setting on your washing machine, and do not dry the toy in the dryer at the end of the cycle.

How can you check if a plush toy has been recalled?

A. A quick Google search for a manufacturer and toy should bring up results if the toy has been recalled. If you are still unsure, you can visit a federal government website and go through its entire list of recalled toys.

What’s the best axolotl plush to buy?

Top axolotl plush

Zhongxin Made Simulation Axolotl Plush Toy

Zhongxin Made Simulation Axolotl Plush Toy

What you need to know: This is a 20-inch-long lifelike plush axolotl filled with cotton.

What you’ll love: This plush toy has a soft outer fabric designed to look like a living axolotl. Due to the detail and workmanship of the toy, it can be used as a decoration.

What you should consider: Dirt will show up easily on the light-pink fabric.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top axolotl plush for the money

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Axolotl Plushie

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Axolotl Plushie

What you need to know: This stuffed animal was a 2021 trend that functioned as a communicative tool for sharing your mood.

What you’ll love: This plush is reversible with happy and angry sides, and there are three variations of colors from which to choose. They can be played with, cuddled with or added to a collection of other reversible plushies.

What you should consider: They do not look like axolotls apart from their feathery gills, and should be hand-washed only.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Axolotl Plush Toy Pillow

Axolotl Plush Toy Pillow

What you need to know: This is a round axolotl plush designed to be squeezed.

What you’ll love: This plush is shaped like a pillow and filled with fluffy stuffing.

What you should consider: The protruding gills are the only things that resemble a real axolotl.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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