(WFRV) – You may have played Spikeball in the backyard during a family get-together, but Bay Port senior Peyton Garcia is taking his passion for the game to the next level in Wisconsin.

Spikeball is similar to volleyball in many ways.

“Instead of a lateral net, you have a round net, kind of like a mini-trampoline. It’s similar rules. You get three touches to hit the ball to the net, and then the other team tries to return it. You play to 21,” Garcia said. “It’s a really unique game that allows a lot of kids to be really athletic.”

Garcia’s love for the game of Spikeball came years ago, but it wasn’t until the idea of starting ‘Wisconsin Roundnet’ that he wanted to share his passion with those around him. Garcia is hosting Spikeball tournaments throughout the state.

“It’s a way to get games going and tournaments going in Wisconsin. It’s a smaller market, and I noticed this year that there really weren’t tournaments being held in Wisconsin. So I had to travel to Chicago, to Minnesota, in order to play. I really saw a market for it, so I thought, ‘Why not? Why can’t it be me?'” Garcia said.

On Monday, Garcia held a tournament at Bay Port High School that saw more than 130 players show up and play.

“The first year we did it, we had 12 teams, and now we’re out here with almost 70,” Garcia explained.

“The community here is special. I remember going to the first tournament, and it was just the friend group, but now it has expanded to friend groups all around the school,” said Bay Port Senior Dax Ruplinger.

The tournament consisted of teams with two players. Last year’s winners, Bay Port senior duo Blake Buchinger and Cole Deppeler, explained what made the sport so different than others.

“You can play so many different ways. You can use the three hits, or you can use the two hits or one even. You can go light, you can go hard, and even rotation stuff are all different things you can incorporate in,” Buchinger said.

As Garcia continues to grow the sport of Spikeball with more tournaments, the community he’s built in Wisconsin within the sport is something he’s proud of.

“I had that go-getter attitude. I did something really cool for my school. I’m just proud of that,” Garcia expressed.