MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Milwaukee Brewers are experimenting with extending alcohol sales at American Family Field through the eighth inning, giving you more time to enjoy the game responsibly.

In an interview with Brewers Beat Writer Adam McCalvy with, Milwaukee’s President of Business Operations, Rick Schlesinger, confirmed that the team is working to see how the extended alcohol sales affect the fan experience.

The policy was implemented for the final two games of the team’s home-opening sweep against the New York Mets, and Schlesinger said there were no reported issues.

“This is [reflective] of the fact that the games are shorter. From a time perspective, we’re probably looking at selling beer for the same amount of time by extending to the eighth inning that we did last year through the seventh,” Schlesinger said in an interview with McCalvy. “Obviously, the safety and the conduct of our fans has primacy. We’ve had no issues, but it’s a small sample size, and we’re going to continue to test it and see if it makes sense. I know a number of other teams are doing the same thing.”

Since the MLB’s implementation of the pitch clock, Milwaukee’s first six games against the Chicago Cubs and the Mets averaged two hours and 34 minutes. However, back in 2022, each of the Brewers’ first six games exceeded three hours.

There is no law in Wisconsin that dictates teams must cut off alcohol sales at a certain point in the game. However, if extended sales result in more misbehavior, Schlesinger says the Brewers could cut off sales in certain sections or restore the previous cut-off (7th inning).

“I’m comfortable that our people are going to be monitoring the situation well and making sure that people who shouldn’t be served won’t be served, regardless of what inning it is,” Schlesinger said. “The vast majority of fans behave responsibly. In fact, I will tell you because I get the data, that the number of incidents of misbehavior with alcohol are down. I think people have more sensitivity and awareness.”