MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WFRV) – For a franchise at its peak, there’s no greater endorsement than the passion of thousands of fans filling the arena for each game.

That passion, though, is perhaps greatest exemplified by an unlikely individual – the national anthem singer.

Ben Tajnai has been singing the national anthem before Milwaukee Bucks games for the past seven years, and last season, the longtime fan got the ride of his life when the Bucks won the NBA title.

“I think the first season I got here, that was the season we won 13 games,” Tajnai recalled. “The two games I sang, we did go 2-0, and so it’s all evolved from there and it’s been amazing. It’s been nothing short of awesome.”

Since that first season, he’s become a staple at Bucks games – but also Packers games, appearing to sing multiple anthems during the 2021 season.

A true fan, he always ends his song with a resounding, “Go Bucks!” or, “Go Pack Go!”

But more than his fandom, he enjoys setting the stage for the moment – giving the athletes and fans that 90-second pause to take in the moment before the action gets going.

“I take a lot of pride in being kind of the first voice that they hear before these huge games,” Tajnai said. “I love it. Wouldn’t want anything else.”

Even for a seasoned veteran like Tajnai, the nerves still come up – but he says that’s a good thing.

“They never stop – I’m nervous right now,” Tajnai said, laughing. “But the Finals was probably the height of it, you know, and I think I care about it a lot so therefore I never stop being nervous, and I really don’t mind it. It kind of gives me an extra edge.”

“There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I love it, I’m very excited.”