GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s been a season of highs and lows for the Green Bay Blizzard.

Starting their season 0-4, it might’ve been easy to lose focus on their sight and write the season off – but the players on the roster stepped up in big ways to shift their focus back to winning ways.

“It’s been a roller coaster, man. But the guys have stuck with it and we kept the same nucleus and we figured it out. We had a young team to start off but that’s no excuse when there’s an opportunity to play football. Something we have been doing all of our whole lives”, said head coach Corey Roberson

“Nobody really ever got down. Obviously we didn’t get any wins, but we were still practicing and coming together as a team as if we were going to get some wins”, said quarterback Jack Sheehan.

The Blizzard lost three of their first four games by a combined seven points. If it were for a few more lucky plays, they could’ve started 3-1 instead of 0-4. After that stretch to open up the season, the switch flipped for the Blizzard. Green Bay has won six of their last ten games and have turned things around in a hurry.

“Some people can’t rise up to the occasion. Some people can’t rise up. We knew that we needed to make a couple changes here and I think that was a spark in the team”, said Roberson. “We have a great group of leaders on the team and you know, it was alot of them as well. They kept on showing up and getting everybody to buy in.”

Now sitting on the playoff bubble with a 6-8 record, the Blizzard have a crucial two-game road trip to end the season. One that could make or break their playoff hopes. For Roberson, the message has been simple to his players.

“Win, baby”, Roberson laughed. “We have to play Green Bay football. Our defense has to show up on the field and be consistent like we have been all year on the defensive side of the ball and on offense, we have to put up points.”

“I think it would just mean a lot to us because we owe it to ourselves just because we haven’t given up. We started 0-4 but we never slept. We never had a bad mindset. We kept fighting and we kept getting better and getting back to work. Making the playoffs would obviously be the combination of all that all that effort. Gratitude to ourselves for all the work that we put in”, Sheehan expressed.

The Blizzard will end their 2022 season with two final games against the Frisco Fighters in Texas on June 25 and the Sioux Falls Storm on July 9 in South Dakota.