Kaukauna point guard Jordan McCabe doesn’t waste much time on the court, and he approached college recruiting the same way. Making the decision to commit to West Virginia before the start of his junior year with the Ghosts.

“There’s definitely some advantages, and there’s going to be people that think that it’s actually a disadvantage in terms of committing so early. I knew I didn’t have to wait anymore because I had the right fit, and I had the right place that I needed to be. More importantly than that is now I get time with my team, to go back to just playing basketball,” said McCabe.

The 2018 guard had plenty of offers on the tables from teams like Missouri, MIlwaukee, Minnesota, DePaul, and even nearby Green Bay. On Tuesday afternoon McCabe, in front of a packed library at Kaukauna High School, McCabe made his announcement. He’s heading to West Virginia.

“It became a no brainer as the year went on. It’s been almost a year now, I think a little bit over since they first officially offered me. For them to do that and follow me through, and to be there every step of the way. I believe in my hear of hearts it was time to make a decision,” said McCabe.
Along with the choice to play at the next level for the mountaineers also comes the opportunity for one of the game’s legendary coaches. That along with the atmosphere in Morgantown helped lead McCabe to put in the Mountaineers cap.
“A lot of things made it the right fit. Starting with coach Huggins himself, I don’t need to speak on the accolades he’s achieved over time. There’s a winning tradition and there’s 1.5 million crazy fans in West Virginia waiting for me right now, and I’m excited to go there and do every thing I can to bring them the success they’ve had for so long,” said McCabe.