GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Contact days for high school football have arrived. Coaches can use this time to touch up on things with their players a week before training camp can officially begin in August.

The Preble Hornets hit the field this week as a chance to get some chemistry flowing before the season begins.

The Hornets made it to the postseason for nine straight seasons and then, haven’t seen a sniff of extra football since 2019. This year, due to the influx of senior leadership, they feel like a different squad.

“It’s a lot of the older guys being able to help mentor the younger guys and integrate them into the stuff that we’re doing,” senior Austin Willems said. “Just making the younger guys feel confident around us, and being able to talk to us, hang out with us, ask us questions. Just build them young and be ready for their chance to lead when they’re juniors and seniors.”

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Head coach Dustin Gresen is in his 5th year as head coach and he’s more than ready to see his program take the next step. For him, he’s already seen that with the accountability these young men are holding themselves to.

“The progress we had is in the weight room,” Gresen said. “The commitment to the program and our leadership group that’s come together is starting to get the younger kids and younger guys into football. To be the leaders and future of the program.”