GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – There’s Packers fans everywhere around the world, but those from Southern California who rep the green and gold every week stick together.

The ‘SoCal Packer Backers’ is a group that was created by David Lucero in 2012. Given his love for Green Bay and the team, he wanted to bring Packers fans together that were from Southern California.

“Being from Southern California, I was a big Packer fan. I didn’t have any place to catch Packers games. So, I moved out here to Green Bay because I love the environment and what I wanted to do was bring Packers fans together in Southern California and get them together on game days because I knew what it was like to not catch any games with fellow fans”, says Lucero.

The passion for Packers football runs deep in Southern California because for many years, they didn’t have a team to root for.

“The unique part about California is we went 25 years without football in Southern California. When the Rams and Raiders left in the ’90’s, we didn’t have anybody to root for and for us it was easy, at least it was easy for me, to cheer them on. The Packers back in the day when Favre and now Rodgers is now carrying on the legacy, so it’s just one of those things where you picked up one of the teams and you have followed them ever sense”, Lucero explains.

The ‘SoCal Packer Backers’ have planned meet ups all across the country and have taken trips to Lambeau Field. Their following on Social Media have grown exceptionally over the years, with over 15,000 followers across platforms. Growing friendships and meeting people, all because of Packers football, is one of the coolest parts for the ‘SoCal Packer Backers’.

“Some of my best friends are people that I’ve met in this group. Unique and complete strangers that I have come to my house and have stayed here on gameday are people that I call my bestfriends”, Lucero tells Local 5. “Once we get together as a group to turn on the Packers we become bestfriends and that’s really what it is. Family.”

Those in the group are thankful that they can all come together to cheer on a team that plays thousands of miles away from California.

“Just knowing that we can represent a team that’s in Wisconsin of all places and we represent so hard. Just with the green and gold. You see it all over Southern California especially with the organization. It’s just something that’s really really special”, says SCPB Andrew Lomeli.