MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WFRV) – Josh Hader has been dominant throughout his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, which started in 2017, but as of recent, his form is a bit off.

After surrendering two losses in the last two games and giving up nine runs while only recording one out, is it time for the Brewers to move on from Josh Hader and promote Devin Williams to closer?

Hader’s form is way off from what Brewers fans are used to, as the 2022 All-Star has a 20.25 earned run average (ERA) in his last seven games. It’s been tough recently for Hader as he now owns a 4.50 ERA on the 2022 season, a stat that is crazy to believe after the start he had.

‘Haderade’ started 2022 off looking untouchable as he didn’t give up a run until two months into the season on June 7 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Things returned to normal for the remainder of June but as soon as July hit, Josh Hader hit a big bump in the road, giving up at least one earned run in five of the seven games he’s appeared in so far.

Meanwhile, Devin Williams has a 0.95 ERA in his last 30 games. He has only given up four hits in his last 15 games and has been as dominant as Hader was at the beginning of the year.

Hader has struggled the last two seasons in the month of July. In 2021, he had a 9.53 ERA, a lot better than 2022’s 20.25 ERA so far.

It’s hard to trade away a fan favorite, but it might be noteworthy for the future of the Milwaukee Brewers. Josh Hader still has one and a half years left on his contract, which could potentially bring in a hefty return of prospects for Milwaukee’s future.

But maybe it’s just the month of July that is a curse for Josh Hader and in another month, we’ll be talking about how dominant the southpaw from Millersville, Maryland really is.

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