(WFRV) – One of the most famous quotes from the 1989 movie of ‘Field of Dreams’ is “If they build it, he will come,” and for the Bay Port youth baseball team, they made the four-hour drive to Dyersville, Iowa to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Bay Port youth baseball coaches surprised all 34 of their players and families by playing a tournament at The Field of Dreams site.

“You’re in the middle of nowhere. You drive through Dubuque, you get off the highway, you’re driving through corn fields, you go around a couple curves, up a hill, and all of a sudden – it’s staring at you right in the face,” said coach Jeremy Garcia.

All of the kids watched the movie the week before heading to Iowa and got an appreciation of what makes a baseball field in the middle of a corn field so magical.

“I thought it was just another Hollywood movie just off in the middle of nowhere — an imaginary place,” said 6th grader Mason Tuttle.

“Being in the middle of nowhere on a field that no one would think was that cool, but you watch the story about it – it’s really cool,” 6th grader Gavin Chapin expressed.

Another famous quote from the hit classic movie was “Is this heaven? No, It’s Iowa!”. The kids got to experience the Field of Dreams under the lights while playing baseball. Their favorite part of the experience? The corn in the outfield.

“Walking out of the corn felt like I was in the movie. A couple of my teammates wanted to be Shoeless Joe Jackson out of the movie,” said Tuttle.

“It was cool. I kind of felt like I was a player from the movie playing on the field and it was cool how you could hit home runs into the corn,” 6th grader Pennington Garcia said.

One of the most remembered scenes from the movie was playing catch at the end. So, the Bay Port coaches made sure the kids got to experience it with their dads by playing catch on the field.

“These kids probably wouldn’t watch that movie without their dads. So, the dads grew up with this movie so it was definitely special for them to get out there and get some throws in,” said Coach Garcia.

As the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds take the field in this year’s MLB Field of Dreams game – some of the Bay Port kids had some advice for the players.

“Just watch out for Shoeless Joe Jackson. He might come out of the corn,” Chapin laughed.