Bullfrogs’ Blaise Maris Adds to Family Hardball History

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It’s part of the daily routine for any ball player, checking the lineup.

“We go over to the board and find out who’s playing, who’s in, who’s out for the day. It kind of keeps us on our toes. To see myself in the lineup pretty much every day, it’s truly a blessing to just come out and earn it. It’s a lot of fun,” said Blaise Maris.

This year the Green Bay Bullfrogs have a name synonymous with baseball in their lineup on a regular basis, Maris. In this case it’s catcher and infielder Blaise Maris, the grandson of New York Yankees legend Roger Maris.

“If it weren’t for him, I definitely won’t have come this far in baseball, and truly have the passion and love for the game that I do. Try to keep a little memory with him each and every day I step on the field. It’s really a blessing to be part of this family,” said Maris.

Every time Maris takes the field it’s in his grandfather’s number nine, which was retired by the Yankees long before Blaise was even born. A fitting tribute his grandfather as the final ballplayer left in the current generation.

“It’s definitely cool that I’m the one keeping it going, keeping the family lineage up, I guess. It’s really cool,” said Maris.

While the last name may have a major part in baseball history, it does not guaruntee success. So far the younger Maris has made his name in college at Florida Tech and this summer with the Bullfrogs, but ultimately it’s up to Blaise to make his own name in the game.

“If somebody brings it up to me, or someone in the dugout I’m like ‘you’re right, I’m Roger Maris’ grandson.’ I try to just be the person who I am, and try and be my own type of player. Come out here, have fun, and be a great teammate and everything like that,” said Maris.

At the end of the day it’s one thing to live up to history, and it’s another to add to it.

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