David Fry making his mark with the Timber Rattlers

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Catcher David Fry has been sizzling at the plate for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. 

“He gives you a competitve at bat everytime he’s up there,” manager Matt Erickson said. “He’s definitely one of those guys who you want at the plate when there’s people on base, and you’re looking to drive in runs.”

Fry leads the Rattlers in RBIs (20), hits (33) and home runs (3). Now, it’s the homers that have been a point of emphasis for Fry and his manager.

“The very first swing he took with us actually at Kane County against these Cougars, he hit a fly ball to left field and their left fielder went up and made a heckuva play and robbed him of a home run,” Erickson said. “I remember running into the dugout and telling him he’s not in the Pioneer League anymore. He’s got to hit the ball to get it out of these parks.”

“He’ll throw in a couple jabs now and then and if I pop up, just reminding me hey you gotta hit it hard in this league to hit a home run, so he’s not afraid to remind me,” Fry said.

Not only does Fry lead the team in home runs now, but he’s also tops in the Midwest League with 15 doubles. In fact, he also set a school record for doubles in his 4-year career at Northwestern State.

“I think it’s just because I’m really, really slow and I can’t hit a triple,” Fry joked. “I think that’s really the only thing. I just try to hit the ball hard and I get lucky sometimes and hit a double.”

Along with his power at the plate, the Rattlers have also been moving Fry all around the diamond. Fry has played first, left and right field and Erickson mentioned having the catcher spend some time at third base as well, but ultimately it’s his intangibles as a catcher that have set him apart.

“He throws the ball really well,” Erickson said. “He’s got a nice release. His energy, he’s always bouncing around and that’s huge deal. If you have a guy that bounces around with energy it kind of lifts the whole team. Payton Henry was a great example of that last year. I thought he did a great job of it and now David has filled right in, in those shoes.”

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