GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV) – It’s a little softball park in Green Bay, Wisconsin but to the thousands of young women who have played on those diamonds at the Finger Road softball complex, it’s a place that started their journeys to a sport they love, and they have one man to thank: Dave Crevcoure.

“I was surprised, I thought I was going to walk up and there was a softball game going and I’d throw a ball,” Crevcoure said of the Thursday night surprise. He was surrounded by more than two decades of players that he helped catapult into a sport that’s given back to them in more ways than one. A member of the Green Bay Optimist Club, Crevcoure started the softball program 20 years ago. The community came together to honor the man that’s given so much to them over the years.

“It means I was successful at what I attempted to do when I started,” Crevcoure said when asked what the turnout meant to him. “We started with 60 girls, we have 260 right now. They’re all friends. It’s amazing that you can go through a season for 20 years and you don’t have any problems with coaches or families and the kids are laughing and smiling all the time.”

The passion and love for the sport, as well as the number of families they’ve helped, is something Dave and his wife of 28 years, Christine, are very proud of.

“This has been such an honor for him, ” Christine said. “He really is a wonderful guy. He loves doing things for people. This is one of his biggest accomplishments and it’ll always be here, and when he’s gone, it’ll still be here.

Dave stepped away from the club last year when he began his battle with end-stage brain cancer. He’s still involved as he works to improve the Finger Road softball complex. The members of his program and community wanted to show how much his efforts have meant over the years.

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“That he knows that our club, but more importantly, the entire Green Bay community and not hundreds, thousands of girls and families have benefitted from his work,” Green Bay Optimist club member Ron Metzler said. “That’s what I hope he never forgets.”

The Crevcoures are appreciative of the support from the community and are now more than ever soaking up every little moment.