Confidence is something George Kneiser definitely has, and you have to it when you’re playing golf at a high-level.  

“I don’t think there’s any reason I can’t play with the big boys”

   And no one knows that better than his coach Lee Reinke at UW-Green Bay.
“You pull up to him on the course and you never know if he’s four under, or four over (par).  An attribute of George is his composure and is just incredible.  His work ethic is very good, and it’s very exciting to see the efforts of his labor pay off here, and have a trip to the NCAA regional.  It’s very exciting for the program and the school.”
   The old saying in golf is that you drive for show and putt for dough and that applies to Kneiser’s game on the course.   “Certainly not the longest driver of the golf ball, but I’m not very aggressive off the tees.  I like to just give myself looks at birdies because I know I’m going to make more than most on the greens.”  And his coach knows that the flatstick is where Kneiser butters his bread.  “He’s a very good putter, definitely a strong point of his game.  As long as we can hit greens, I like his chances of making three or four birdies a round.”  Kneiser will be playing against the best players from the biggest colleges in the country, and that might be overwhleming for some, but kneiser isn’t one to worry about being on the big stage.
   “No pressure.  I never put too much on pressure on myself in general.  I’m just looking forward to the opportunity, I’m looking forward to the experience.  Keep working on my game, keep sharpening things up.  I’ll try to get a good practice round in, and take it one shot at a time.”
   Reinke added.  “I know George for sure doesn’t put alot of pressure on himself expectation wise, and I think were both going to go down there with our eyes wide open, because it’s a new experience for both of us.”  and were both looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. and kind of breaking ground for the program so we can do it in future years.”
   Kneiser will be just the second golfer in Green Bay program history to play in an NCAA Regional and the Horizon League men’s golf individual champion punched his ticket to the regional round by capturing the 2019 Horizon League Championship.  Kneiser finished 1-under par, the only player to shoot under par in the tournament and will play at the Louisville Regional on May 13-15 in Simpsonville, Kentucky.
“I’ve known for awhile that I had it in me, it was just a matter of putting a solid three rounds together.  A lot of tournaments before I played one or two good rounds, and one bad round, but I was able to put three good rounds together, so I was glad to see it turn out.”

“George is from my first recruiting class and I couldn’t be more proud of how he has played and conducted himself.  He is a very worthy Champion,” said Reinke.

   Six 54-hole regional tournaments will be conducted May 13-15.  Thirteen teams and ten individuals not on those teams will compete at each of three regionals while the other three regionals will have 14 teams and five individuals not on those teams.  The low five teams and the low individual not on those teams from each regional will advance to the finals.  NCAA team and individual medalist titles will be decided May 24-29 at Blessings Golf Club in Fayetteville, Arkansas.