(WFRV) – Soon-to-be NASCAR Hall of Famer, Matt Kenseth was back in his home state and racing at the Wisconsin International Raceway on Tuesday evening.

The Cambridge native competed in the ‘Gandrud Auto Group 250’ in Kaukauna. Being back racing in the state that raised him, at age 50, is fun for Kenseth.

“Who wouldn’t miss Wisconsin this time of year? It’s a great time of year to come up. I love all things Wisconsin and I miss it back here. Anytime I get a chance to get back here and race with guys I used to race against and see a lot of these new guys that are doing so well, and of course, seeing the fans – it’s always a fun time,” said Kenseth.

Getting back in his race car was kind of a spur-of-the-moment idea.

“I didn’t do any racing last year. This year I ran a few races,” Kenseth said. “This just kind of popped up a week or so ago so I figured I was already at the ruling-five race series so I might as well do one more.”

On January 20, 2023 – Kenseth will be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The 2003 Cup Series Champion was ecstatic to get that honor.

“I always said it didn’t really matter much to me, but when you get voted in on the first ballot – it really means a lot because I think for anybody that gets inducted into their respective sports hall of fame, it’s kind of like your last win. You’re done racing, your career is over, you’re never going to get another win so in a way – it kind of feels like your last win, your last celebration,” Kenseth explained. “It’ll be cool to have my kids there and be part of that and I hope a lot of people that I got to work with, work for, sponsors, things like that. It should be fun and it’s a big honor.”