GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Green Bay Glory has brought a new twist to soccer in Titletown and it has given players the opportunity to reunite with some old teammates along the way.

Brianna Morrissey (2013-19) and Alyssa Mericle (2016-2020) played division one soccer together for three seasons at UW-Green Bay.

“Just to be able to improve at that high level and compete and meet so many amazing players is just a really cool opportunity,” said Morrissey.

“It was pretty cool to be a part of a team like that. To travel and to compete, I was really lucky and I had a lot of fun,” Mericle said.

When one door closed, another opened. This time – they both had the chance to play pre-professional soccer with the Green Bay Glory. It was an opportunity they both couldn’t pass up. Getting back into the game of soccer was a point of emphasis, but getting another shot at competing on the same field as each other – just like old times – was a bonus.

“(Brianna) is honestly the best teammate. She’s just so selfless and she’s such a good leader. I just felt so comfortable playing in the back with her. She’s awesome,” Mericle expressed about Morrissey.

“Alyssa is a great player and a great person. Knowing that she has my back on the field every single time and I’d like to say vice versa as well. I think we play really well together, we connect really well together both on and off the field, and to be able to be back on the field together with the Glory has been an amazing opportunity,” said Morrissey.

Not only do they gear up for the Glory on game days, but they are giving back to the youth when they aren’t in uniform. Morrissey is a youth soccer coach while Mericle is an elementary school teacher. Both players giving it all on the field and giving it all back while they teach their kids.

“I haven’t looked back. It’s something I enjoy doing to be able to around the game and give back my knowledge of the game to the youth players. To watch them grow, help them become better players, and see how inspired they are by the Glory or the college teams in the area – it’s pretty cool to be apart of and to see their progress,” said Morrissey.

“It’s busy, but it’s worth it. I love playing the game and I love teaching so there’s long days, but honestly, I go to bed with a smile on my face because I love both of those things,” Mericle said.

The Green Bay Glory is all about keeping women in the game of soccer and mentoring players from various ages throughout experiences. Mericle and Morrissey have represented the Glory’s mission well since joining the team.

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“To be able to see women post-college playing, staying in the game, enter their professional careers, start their days here, and bring that maturity and intensity to the game still is impressive to watch and enjoyable as leadership for the other players that are still in college,” said Glory head coach Linda Vance.

The Green Bay Glory end their season on a two-game homestand at Capital Credit Union Park. They will host the Minnesota Aurora FC on July 7 at 6:00 p.m. and July 9 at 11:30 a.m.