A career in dance is not always the main goal when parents sign their little ones u[p for dance class, but a life-long love of the art form and some long-lasting life skills are almost always a certainty. 

 Local 5’s Brittany Falkers headed to Danaille’s Dance Academy in Green Bay to meet the woman teaching the next generation of dancers the steps to success. 

From Pirouettes to a padebure, there is a lot more to learn at Danaille’s Dance Academy than just choreography. Owner and instructor Danaille Brouchoud aims to help her students learn more about themselves. 

“The biggest thing: confidence. You know, you believe in yourself that you can do anything,” Brouchoud said. 

Dance gives her young students a unique outlet that allows them to speak without words and find something in themselves they may not otherwise know they had. 

“I’ve had kids that are so shy they would barely talk to me and now are the most outgoing kid in their class at school,” Brouchoud said.  “t’s just amazing how it can change you”

A dancer herself four about 25 years, Brouchoud wanted to spark that life-long passion in the next generation.

She actually started college hoping to be a traditional classroom teacher, but her love of dance kept pulling her back to what is now her career and passion.  

That joy of dance and love for the art shows during her classes and is something Brouchoud passes along to her students, according to parents who bring their kids to Danaille’s Dance Academy. 

“I was lucky to find Danni by first chance. She does a lot of extra time with the kids,” parent Stephanie Stien said. 

Stien says Miss Danni, as the kids call her, has helped her daughter Aubrey grow in more ways than one. 

“Dancing, she’s definitely getting a lot more technical,” Stien said, “But personally she’s grown a lot. She’s a very strong, confident little girl. We love that about her”

Brouchoud also pushes her students to be the best and to truly learn the art of dance. 

Clare Brylla is one of Brouchoud’s competitive dancers and says that persistence pays off for her and her friends on the stage. 

“I just like being on stages and dancing,” Brylla said. “I like her because she pushes me to do my best”

No matter where dance takes them, Brouchoud says she hopes it gets them through the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

“Some people have rough stuff going on. I went through a lot growing up and dance saved my life. So I wanted to give kids that same thing,” Brouchoud said. 

If you want to learn more about Danaille’s Dance Academy CLICK HERE or call (920) 615-4871. 

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