Access to Manitowoc River gets easier with new kayak launch

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On this sunny July day, Manitou Park is a popular place to be for people wanting to get access to the Manitowoc River. And now as of last week a new launch has been added specifically for kayaks and canoes. 

“This is the first easy dock launch here in Manitowoc. It has a fully A.D.A. gainway, A.D.A. platform. and also this really nice A.D.A. launching and landing system.” -Curt Hall Manitowoc Park Planner

The addition of this new launch system is just one step in a much larger plan for the city.

“The goal is to develop this network of water resources and put-ins so people can get in and get on the water to paddle to and from the park systems. You could paddle to downtown, you could get off your boat and go for a downtown adventure, you could paddle to the zoo and get off and go for a hike and walk around the zoo. Really just trying to connect all of our unique outdoor resources here in Manitowoc.”

Funding for the project was led by the Vorron family along with help from the city of Manitowoc and the West Foundation. Early users of the new system are happy with the easy use of the system.

“So it makes what can be a fairly unfriendly user experience maybe even and experience that would prevent people from paddling to this really accessible universal experience that anyone can try.” 

Funding is currently in the works to install another A.D.A approved launch near the Manitowoc Lincoln Park zoo.

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